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Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about any of these services!

Instructional Coaching for Educators & Leaders

Receive personalized coaching through BetterLesson.


With a focus on student-centered teaching and learning, BetterLesson’s personalized approach to coaching and professional learning will help you achieve your goals.


We can support you with instructional leadership, inclusive and responsive practices, flexible instructional models, or curriculum and academic content! When I received coaching, it transformed the way I taught and the way my students learned. Now, I get to create that experience for other educators and leaders.


Learn more about what we offer at BetterLesson here.

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Palo’s Innovative Coaching Solution for Students

Give your students the right kind of support to thrive. Foster critical life skills, boost academic growth, and provide social emotional learning support.


Looking to help your middle schoolers become confident, organized, motivated, focused, resilient, and happier? Palo’s bite-sized coaching solution can help with that! We know that 2020 and 2021 brought on massive changes. Students are going through a lot right now, which can increase anxiety, stress, and mental health issues. Palo’s innovative coaching solution focuses on bite-sized skill-building in the areas of self-management, relationship skills, and learning strategies.

I work closely with the product research team at Palo to develop engaging and relevant content for middle schoolers. Learn more about Palo for schools here.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Meet with Morgan to receive support on infusing mindfulness into your classroom or daily life. 


For adults: schedule sessions with me to receive support on infusing mindfulness into your classroom or daily life. 


For youth: schedule sessions with me to receive support on managing emotions and using mindfulness daily practices in order to find more joy and success

“Morgan Atkins׳ mindfulness approach to teaching children and tweens is absolutely spot-on. Leading classrooms of 8-9 year olds during a global pandemic sounds like a disaster; we were very fortunate to have Ms. Atkins as our primary teacher! She was able to bring calmness to the storm by teaching and modeling resiliency. Learning to stay in the present moment, recognizing joy each day through the creation of gratitude journals, and taking mindfulness breaks helped her students self-regulate and start developing life-long coping skills. My child has a mental-health diagnosis that predicted a downward spiral during the pandemic, and I credit Ms. Atkins and her gentle approach with the perseverance (and frankly, joy) my child exhibited.”

Feel free to reach out to learn more.


Student Coaching

Schedule tutoring sessions with me around important skills to help your child be successful, such as goal setting, study skills, organization, planning, and more!


Our sessions will be grounded in mindfulness techniques, such as checking-in, acknowledging emotions, pausing for reflection, and celebrating growth. They will most certainly be joyful too!


Feel free to reach out to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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