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Hi! I'm Morgan. I am so glad you are here! My passions fuel me and mindfulwithmorgan is a place where I get to share those. What are your passions? What inspires you? For me, it is growth. I am fueled by an energy to learn more about people and what helps us grow. I am a former elementary school teacher turned instructional coach and writer. I help teachers transform their classrooms with student-centered and social-emotional strategies to encourage both teacher and student growth. Years ago, I found mindfulness and it changed my life and my classroom. I am excited to share more about that journey here. My hope is to improve the lives of children, educators, and all humans through simple mindful strategies. 

I also write a lot about my day-to-day life, the little things that bring me joy, my health and wellness techniques, healing from trauma, and mindful musings. I've found that the deeper we know ourselves, the better people we can be - better at our jobs and better at connecting with others. Writing has been so liberating for me and I am excited to share my healing, learning, and growth journey with you. So, whether you are a teacher, instructional coach, or just a human who feels a lot, you are in the right place!

When I am not coaching or writing, you can find me playing with my cat, Nemo, listening to my favorite inspirational podcasts, meditating or journaling, watching juicy Netflix shows, cooking or baking, or moving my body through yoga, running, dancing, skiing, or rock climbing.

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